Hey! The Stumptown Comics Festival is next weekend and I will be THERE. Specifically at table D-12, with my good buddy Jen Wang. I am going to have my brand-new 34-page minicomic “What Were You Raised By Wolves”, Draw This Dresspostcard sets, some tshirts, art prints, and some copies of Anya’s Ghost to raffle off! Since I’m can’t sell them yet I’m GIVIN’ ‘EM AWAY. How about that. I’m really stoked, this is my first convention in years and I’m really looking forward to meeting folks. So come say hi!

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  1. Emily C. says:

    Oh wow! That's a happy surprise. I hope you do well at Stumptown. I hear great things about it! It seems like a tiny little powerhouse of a con.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ugh, all these North American cons I can't get to from the UK. I've preordered 'Anya's Ghost', is there any place to buy 'What Were You Raised By Wolves'?

  3. AshleyGee says:

    Suh-weet! Will there be any way to get Draw this Dress postcards if I can't make it to the festival? My mom sells vintage clothes and I know she'd love those.

  4. Jade Sheldon says:

    Hooray! I definitely need a set of "Draw this Dress" postcards!!

  5. Amanda McAuley says:

    I'll make sure to stop by!! Super excited to see you :)

  6. Mattchew says:

    Vera Beeee,

    You are the BEST!

    I must come around and buy your book.

  7. Emily C. says:

    I just read "What if you were raise by wolves", and it was really great. Definitely too sad for children, but I really enjoyed it a lot. :) Thanks for selling your art. It's a real treat to own something like that.

    I look forward to your book!

  8. Emily C. says:

    Sorry, I wrote the title of your mini comic down wrong. It's "What were you raised by Wolves". Please excuse my bad ability to notice detail. Derp derp.

  9. visioluxus says:

    It was great to meet you today at Stumptown, we will definitely be there for your book launch!

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