Signing and reviews!

The signing at Floating World last night was so great. Thanks so much to Jason for setting it up and to everyone who came out and got a book! We ran out towards the end and apparently it’s on backorder but hopefully Amazon and Diamond will start shipping out more soon. I’m so happy to hear that people are picking it up in their local bookstores and telling their friends about it. That is the best.

Here is a little roundup of some reviews online in case you need some extra motivation to get a copy.

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14 Responses to Signing and reviews!

  1. miss musaranha says:

    Hey, Vera! I randomly found your twitter acount a while ago (I think it was a @reply from Neil Gaiman about Coraline) and since then I’ve been more or less stalking you sikkritly and loving your girl doodles and old dress drawings <3

    I ordered Anya's Ghost today, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it!

    Good luck with your book and best wishes from Spain! :)

  2. Fred says:

    Congratulations about your book, what an achievement!

    Also, I am completely jealous and want to steal your drawing skills!

  3. Kc says:

    I can’t wait to buy this after work! Congratulations!!

  4. Laura Wood says:

    Love love love your new website! And wonderful new comic!!

  5. Nate says:

    congrats!!! i cant wait to read it.

  6. Carl V. says:

    Oh wow, thanks for adding mine to the list! :)

  7. Your artwork is awesome, and I’m looking forward to seeing your graphic novel!

    Also, I think we share some of the same friends.

  8. Pattom says:

    Congrats on all the good press! I don’t even remember how, but I stumbled across your old site a long time ago when you were still working on Anya’s Ghost, and then somehow stumbled here again just yesterday. I picked up a copy of the book after work and I adore it!

  9. Sarah Jane says:

    Thanks for sharing your process for working on this book. Seeing “behind the scenes” is really inspiring and satisfies my curiosity.

  10. Nerdy PA says:

    Any chance of a signing in LA?

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