I’ve pretty much finished moving and gotten all my printing/shipping supplies unpacked, so my store is back up (though a bit sparse). I wanted to add some new prints and figured I should just ask to see what folks might want! I’ve done a bunch of new dresses lately so maybe some of those? If there are any other products folks might like to see I’m open to suggestions, too! I do not really have the space/energy to stock tshirts, though. Those things are tricky.

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  1. ashleygee says:

    ages ago, you did a sketch of a guy and a girl picking pumpkins, and it looks pretty much exactly like my husband and i. i linked to it and everyone thought it was a custom piece, so of course, i’m totally convinced you’re the best stalker ever and that i should have this piece for my house.

  2. Samantha says:

    Would it be at all possible to see some bookmarks? I’d love to see some of your artwork in bookmark sizes.

  3. C.W. says:

    Is there any way to get a print of the “What were you raised by wolves?” comic? I like it.

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