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I got some things goin’ on this week! Tomorrow (Tuesday) I’ll be doing a reading with T. Bak at the Central Branch of the Multnomah County Library at 6:30pm. If you are local stop on by! I’ll be talking a bit about my process and will bring along some original comic pages if anybody’s into lookin’ at that kind of thing.

And this weekend is the Stumptown Comics Fest! I’m not tabling, but on Sunday I am on a panel and will have some books for sale at the CLBDF table afterwards. Here is the bluuuurb:
2-2:45: Beyond the Cape: Genre Fiction in Comics

Join moderator Christian Lipski and creators Vera Brosgol, Brian Churilla, Brian Hurtt, Lukas Ketner, Batton Lash, Steve Lieber, Ron Randall, Dylan Meconis, and Brandon Seifert  in a conversation about the other kinds of comics.

Horror, sci-fi, western, romance — creators talk about the world outside the super-human. Is the ‘mainstream’ expanding to include other genres, or are the smaller publishers growing their audience? What are the publishing options for non-super titles? Is it a worthwhile direction for authors and artists?

And the weekend after THAT (phew!) I’ll be in Toronto for TCAF! Delight! More on that soon. Above is a progress picture of a new print I’ll be debuting there.

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3 Responses to things this week

  1. Kelly says:

    I just finished reading Anya’s Ghost and WOW do we have similar taste in music!

  2. Bianca says:

    Hi, Vera!

    I’m reading Anya’s Ghost, a friend of mine bought it and lent it to me. We don’t have your book here in Brazil yet, so he had to buy it online.

    I must say I am in love with your story. And it’s funny, because I met your work through Emily Carroll’s website. And when my friend showed up yesterday with your book, I was like: “Hey! I know her!!!”

    Well, I just wanted to say I really liked your art and that – as (hopefully) a future cartoonist -, you’re now one of my inspirations!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. jahnae says:

    have u ever thought about making Anya’s Ghost 2.If you r i would love to read it

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