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I am a lousy blogger, aren’t I! So lousy that I didn’t even notice that my blog was hacked for a few weeks. It’s all better now, so I may as well use it.

My favorite news today is that Anya’s Ghost is nominated for an Eisner Award in Best Publication for Young Adults (Ages 12-17)! I am bowled over and honored to be in such fancy company.  Comics professionals and retailers can vote in the awards here and they’re presented at San Diego Comic Con in the summer.

Anya was also nominated for a Bram Stoker Award in the Graphic Novel category! I’d never thought of it as a horror story so it was extra awesome to get the nomination. Of course Alan Moore won that one and no one was surprised.

I have a reading coming up at the Central Branch at the Multnomah County Library on April 24th at 6:30, with the inestimable T. Edward Bak. If you are a local come watch me try and remember how Powerpoint works!

And I failed at getting a table at Stumptown this year but I’ll be on a panel on Sunday I believe, and will have a signing after that at the CBLDF booth. I’ll also be milling around the con a bit.

And May 5th-6th I will be at TCAF in Toronto, where I will once again be sharing a table with Emily Carroll and Jen Wang, aka the best ladies. I am really looking forward to this one, such a good show. I will try to have a special print or something to sell along with books.

In non-appearance/award news I am working quietly on writing a new book. It is in tricky fetal stages right now but there will hopefully be more news about it in the coming months.

And Paranorman is slowly but surely creeping towards release, which means lots of trailers and tv spots and even walkaround full-body costume creepers are starting to show up. I can’t wait for August, it’s going to be so good.

And that is your monthly news brief. Vera over an’ out!


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7 Responses to what’s goin’ on

  1. Marsha says:

    Congrats Vera, Anya’s Ghost is superb!

  2. Ste says:

    Hi Vera! I’m a quite recent italian lurker of your blog (so sorry for the imperfections in my english).
    I stumbled upon your “what were you raised by wolves?” comic and i loved so much your drawing style that i HAD to know who drew it!
    After checking every single post in your blog i HAD to buy a copy of Anyas’ ghost and i’m looking forward to getting it in my mailbox (two more days!!!) :)
    I also found out that you worked on Coraline and..of course, i loved that movie at the cinema, bought the DVD and enjoyed the “behind the movie” extras so much!

    Just wanted to tell you my appreciation for your work. Your drawings are so “simple” but so dynamic and expressive!
    I can’t wait for Paranorman to be released here in Italy!
    A big hug and keep on updating the blog!

  3. Joanna says:

    Eep! An Eisner Award! Congratulations on the nomination, and best of luck- I wish I could contribute a vote.

  4. Inverce says:

    I finally got to read Anya’s Ghost last week. I loved it!

  5. Jorunn says:

    I just read Anya’s ghost the other day actually! I love your drawings. I bought the English version for myself, but it’s been translated into Norwegian and is now being released chapterwise as an appendix to one of Norway’s biggest comics magazines (Nemi).

  6. Shannon says:

    Congrats! You and Anya’s Ghost definitely deserve the nominations. Well done! I can’t wait to hear more about your new book.

  7. Vera will be on this panel at the Stumptown Comics Fest!

    2-2:45: Beyond the Cape: Genre Fiction in Comics

    Join moderator Christian Lipski and creators Vera Brosgol, Brian Churilla, Brian Hurtt, Lukas Ketner, Batton Lash, Steve Lieber, Ron Randall, Dylan Meconis, and Brandon Seifert in a conversation about the other kinds of comics.

    Horror, sci-fi, western, romance — creators talk about the world outside the super-human. Is the ‘mainstream’ expanding to include other genres, or are the smaller publishers growing their audience? What are the publishing options for non-super titles? Is it a worthwhile direction for authors and artists?

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