Well, I didn’t see THAT coming.


At four in the morning one January morning I got a phone call. I got six phone calls. I didn’t pick any of them up, because what kind of monster calls someone at four in the morning. A whole roomful of monsters, as it turns out. Leave Me Alone had been awarded a Caldecott Honor by the Association for Library Service to Children, and they were calling to let me know. I made a little video about that moment, you can watch that here.

I was, and am, completely shocked.  I hadn’t even considered the possibility of getting a Caldecott, and it’s rare in life that you get completely and utterly surprised like that, especially in a GOOD way. I’m so honored that the committee enjoyed my book enough to single it out, and am glad that more kids will be reading it! That is the greatest thing of all.


I’ve gotten to do a few school visits since the book came out, something I was nervous about. I shouldn’t have been – it was so fun to hang out with a roomful of little guys, drawing for them and getting their help with the shouty parts of the book. It made me want to do a whole lot more. If you’d like me to come visit your school drop me a line!


Also! If you would like a signed copy of Leave Me Alone, Green Bean Books in Portland, OR has a bunch, and they can ship! It’s a wonderful store and I’m so grateful for their help and support with the book.

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    Will you be attending the Cherry City Comic Con this weekend?

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