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san diego again!

San Diego is upon us! July 18-21st. This year I’ll be there as a Special Guest, which means there are going to be a bunch of places to see me. Thursday July 18th 10:oo am – TR!CKST3R Symposia #1: Personal … Continue reading

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hourly comics saturday

Remember the hourly comics I did last year? I was supposed to do them again on February 1st, but I was slammed at work and it just wasn’t happening. So instead I did them the following day, February 2nd! And … Continue reading

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things since august

It has been a while since I wrote! Paranorman came out, and will be out on DVD soon (November 27th in fact). Anya’s Ghost won a Harvey Award for Best Original Graphic Publication for Younger Readers. I did an illustrated … Continue reading

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paranorman is OUT

Tragically this is probably the closest to on-model I’ve ever drawn him. Paranorman is out August 17th, which is TODAY!!! In North America as well as Iceland, Vietnam, Taiwan and the Netherlands. I saw it last week and am seeing … Continue reading

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adventure time!

I painted this for the Adventure Time show at Nucleus comin’ up on the 18th! It will be for sale at and after the show. I don’t sell paintings very often so if you want to own one of my … Continue reading

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Man, you can’t beat that. This last weekend I had the amazing honor of winning the Will Eisner award for Best Publication for Young Adults (or possibly teens).  Fortunately they gave that one out pretty early so I got to … Continue reading

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comic-con times

It is almost San Diego Comic-Con time! Holy moly. I’ll be there Friday through Sunday with a coupla signings at First Second — Booth #1323. Friday at 2pm and Saturday at 10am! Other than that I will be wandering around … Continue reading

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come on grab your friends

Who loves Adventure Time? I do. I drew a variant cover for Marceline and the Scream Queens #3, written and drawn by the phenomenal Meredith Gran. I have seen some peeks for this comic, it’s fabulous! Issue #1 is out … Continue reading

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john and jeanyne

I did a watercolor for my good friend Malena’s parents. They are super awesome people celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year, which means they got married in 1972. Which means they were wearing some pretty stylin’ duds at their … Continue reading

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hodor hodor hodor

I like the ASoIAF books a LOT. I’ve been doing a few doodles of characters as they are in my head, nothin’ spoilery really. Not many cute things in the books but man, I cling to them like a liferaft. … Continue reading

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